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Path is an online platform that aids its users through their grieving process. It offers progress tracking, professional advice for various stages or grief, and emotional expression.


Interface Design 

GRDS 387 Fall 2019


10 Weeks

SEP 2019 - NOV 2019

The Prompt


Design a website that gets the user from "Here to There"

This project was an 10-week project for an Interface Design course at SCAD. Our goal was to design a website where the user gains something through the process; traveling from a state of "here" to "there". I chose to create a website that aided users through the process of grief through interaction.

The Prompt

The Design Process

Path helps users go through the grieving process by offering them an outlet to express their feelings, receive healthy methods for handling their grief, and access to virtual professionals and community. 

Design Process


To begin the process, I developed a user persona. The persona is Margaret, a law student whose mother passed at the start of her semester. She is going through the stages of grief while trying to continue with her education.



What I Learned


Break away from norm

Having never designed a website before, I initially struggled with the layout and design. I had an internal layout I believed the website needed to follow due to previous websites I have seen, but after struggling for a bit trying to fall into this box of design I eventually reformed my design and became far more satisfied.


If something feels wrong, stop

Once I set a goal for myself, I strive to finish it. This can cause some issues when I start myself on a design with an outcome I do not enjoy. During this project I realized that I was pushing myself to follow a design simply because I have already started it. However, the further I worked on it, the more I became stuck. The design felt wrong, it was not how I wanted my platform to look. I ended up stopping myself and redesigning my platform to reflect what I wanted it to be.


Date visualization can help communicate complicated topics

When it comes to topics such as grief, it is difficult to communicate ones progress with words. However, with data visualization, you are able to simplify a complicated topic and communicate it in an efficient and creative way. It becomes more accessible to various audiences, mostly to those more visual such as Deaf people and those with dyslexia.

What I learned
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