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A divider pad and app system that improves user productivity through timing and external cues, while minimizing distractions by separating the user from outer distractions. Multiple feature sets become available to the user depending on the orientation the pad is used in.


Information Architecture

IACT 370 Fall 2020


10 Weeks

SEP 2020 - DEC 2020


Taylor Primuth

Madeline Esper

Jiyoung Lee

Jonathan Sanchez


Research Lead

Copy Writing 

User Research


The Problem

People are working and sleeping in the same spaces, diminishing the separation between working spaces and relaxing spaces.

Since the start of COVID-19, 42% of the US workforce is working from home full time. This is causing a large blur between a person's workspace and relaxation space, leading to an increase in stress and a decrease in sleep.

The Problem

The Solution

By creating a modified workspace, we can help users separate their workspace from their relaxation space and help monitor their productivity while working from home.

Final Product
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